Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Thieves, Rapist, Bad People and Attackers

With Our 3 in 1 Stun Baton, Flashlight and Security Alarm

The Stun Master Security Stun Baton is a compact security gadget that gives you total control over your own safety and peace of mind, especially in dangerous environments and potentially life threatening situations that require self defense.

It includes a powerful LED flashlight, an effective security alarm and an electric stun feature. It is the ultimate self-defense companion with a voltage capable of disarming any offender. Perfect for late night walks, it is a must have device for people whose security is a top priority.

Give yourself the upper hand and take your security into your own hands. With the 3 in 1 Stun Master, you eliminate vulnerability without breaking the law or the bank.

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Device Usage Demonstration


  • Your Family
  • Your Friends and Loved Ones
  • Your Security Personnel
  • Yourself

With it, you will worry less about your safety and that of those you love, especially in dangerous environments.

Product Specifications:

  • Power input: DC7.2V
  • Power output: 800KV
  • Alarm sound: 120db
  • Package Content: Gadget baton, charger, holster, use manual
  • Weight: 750g box size: 324 x 70 x 52cm

The Self-Defense Stun Master Stun Baton is designed to disable an attacker with 12 million volts, or 4.6 milliamps, depending on the strength of the charge. This device also provides for your ongoing safety with several safety features that are in place to prevent an attacker from stealing this self-defense tool and using it on you.

These include stunning strips down the barrel which will shock the attacker who attempts to grab the device, and a disabling pin in the wrist strap which will shut off the device if the wrist strap is pulled. The device also has a rubberized coating to improve grip during use and it comes with a wall charger and a nylon holster.

The baton comes in three colors: black, pink, and purple.

That is, with ‘one tase’ you can make a full-grown man:

Lose complete control of his brain for over 15 minutes;

Inflict so much pain that makes it difficult for the assailant to run;

Render anyone ‘useless’ till backup arrives,

​Thereby, giving you and your family the peace of mind, security, and control over any external but unwanted guests.

Free Shipping And Payment On Delivery Nationwide

Because we at Searchlight Mart believe everyone should have access to premium self defense utility, especially with the rising insecurity in the country, we have made logistics totally free, giving customers the option to pay on delivery if they feel skeptical about the service.

However, orders outside Lagos attracts a commitment fee of N2000. This is due to the rate of disappointments from defaulting customers who order products but become unavailable after we spend money delivering their orders their locations. Commitment fees for states outside Lagos validate customer seriousness.

We may however reconsider customers who give us a solid guarantee that they will be available to pick up and pay for their products on delivery.

How To Safely Make Use Of The Stun Master Security Baton

The following video is a detailed guide provided by a company expert on how to safely utilize the security gadget.


  1. Ensure to fully charge the unit for 12 hours before first use to maximize battery life.
  2. On the top of the handle is a three way switch which is set to “Off” by default. Pushing it forward once activates the LED Flashlight, and pushing it further forward activates the 120 decibel alarm.
  3. On the bottom of the handle lies two buttons. Below is the safety switch, which protects the user from accidental shock. On top lies the activation button for the stun baton itself. Pressing it once releases the baton to it’s full length, and pushing and holding it activates the stunner itself which passes a disarming election charge down the expandable length of the stunner.
  4. To disable the stunner, release the stun button and push the safety switch back into it’s original position to prevent accidental shock. Push the expandable length of the baton back into it’s handle and return baton to it’s holster.